MASEP is Mississippi’s statewide driver improvement program. Under the authority of the Mississippi Implied Consent Law, the program is court mandated for first-time offenders convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or another substance which has impaired their ability to operate a motor vehicle. The program consists of two interrelated units: the Operations Unit, and the Research & Development Unit. The objectives of MASEP are to increase the knowledge and understanding of traffic safety and substance abuse through research and analysis of existing modalities and use its research findings to improve its DUI intervention program.  MASEP prides itself in providing quality DUI intervention services to the residents of Mississippi and in helping bring national attention to Mississippi. From its beginning in 1972, its major goal has been the safety of our citizens on the Mississippi highways.


  • To reduce DUI recidivism by first-time DUI offenders in Mississippi and thereby enhance traffic safety.

Mission Statement

  • To provide education, rehabilitation, and referral information for the first-time DUI offender.
  • To create a DUI control system by integrating the enforcement, judicial, and rehabilitation / education functions.
  • To design and evaluate the effectiveness of various education / rehabilitation modalities.
  • To conduct research in order to design, implement, and test the effectiveness of intervention / prevention strategies.